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Dwarf girls just want to kick butt!

In a land the gods forgot, an ancient evil has been allowed to roam free once more. The Dwarven principality of Mountaingate has fallen.

Enter a band of young females, ready to step out from their brothers’ shadows and show the boys how it’s done!

Dwarven warrioress Khoa leads her sisters on a quest into Human, Elven — and even Faerie — territory to find brave fighters to help free her father and take back her homeland from the rapacious Satyrs.

Along the way, she may rescue a prince, kill some monsters, challenge a god, lose some blood, and even get her heart broken, but she’ll always have the strength to drag herself into a tavern and knock back a pint (or twelve) with fifty of her toughest gal pals.

A literally-heavy metal fantasy tale COMING SOON!

Story, Logo & Concept Art by Natasha Lau.