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When a punk rock small fish meets
a big opera shark, scales fly!

In a post-modern era torn between classical music and a cacophony of emerging underground music scenes, disabled high school music teacher and former opera diva Ms. B learns that disease will soon claim her voice.

She sets out to find one among her students in Period 3 worthy of learning her closely-guarded secret techniques before it’s too late — only to discover that the one person who has what it takes is Rio:

A chain-smoking, binge-drinking, class-ditching, punk rock bad girl who couldn’t give two fucks about the world of opera.

Two wildly different women bridge a chasm between classical and modern, gay and straight, tradition and rebellion, to share their passion for music…

And drama.

A queer, intergenerational, and dis/ability-themed story for anyone who’s ever felt torn between two worlds.

My Life Is Overture, the debut first issue, is available now! (Con-exclusive variant cover while supplies last.)

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As Ms. B struggles to whip her tone-deaf class into shape in time for the winter concert, she laments all the choices and circumstances that led from the spotlight to her thankless, small-town teaching job.

#2 Legato Legacy – coming soon!

Read | Buy: Print ($4.99) | Digital ($4.99)

After learning that time is running out for her voice, Ms. B hastily renews her search to find a student capable of mastering the secret techniques passed on to her by her mentor: a stern taskmaster of a voice teacher known to her students only as the Sphinx.

Created, Written & Produced by Natasha Lau. Original Design, Concept Art, Storyboards, Logos, Lettering, Effects, Graphics & Editing by Natasha Lau. Art, Additional Storyboards by Yolanda Villegas. Additional Art, Editing, Cleanup & Other Support by Benjamin Lau, Riyam Lenkeron, Misha D. Nova, Rex Witzel. Con-Exclusive Variant Cover Art by Amber Graves.